Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Price Tag Revealed: Hovers Around RM 4000

It was only yesterday we reported that the pricing for the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium is likely to be revealed sometime next month via Sony Taiwan. However, it turns out that Sony has decided to announce such information in United States first.

According to the company, the phone which will be making its way to United States at the end of July is priced at USD 999.99. It is indeed a hefty asking price since that price tag translates to around RM 4038 in our currency.

While its availability and pricing in Malaysia is not yet known at the moment, that is still more than RM 1000 difference when compared to Xperia XZ2’s price in our market at the moment which is around RM 2913. Even though the phone’s price tag is rumored to be much lower in China, it still quite premium and not far off from the RM 4000 mark.

Hence, it is quite clear that Sony’s first ever dual-camera smartphone will leave a significant mark on the wallet. Consider yourself warned.

source : lowyat

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